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Avant Browser 2016 Build 7

Avant Browser 2016 Build 7 Free Download

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Avant Browser is one of the top rated Internet browsers that contains a wide range of security features and functionalities to help make your Internet browsing fun, safe, and easy.

Avant Browser continues to improve as it adds more features and services. Online Profile Storage makes Internet access easy by saving personal data like bookmarks, RSS feeds, configurations and preferences, site passwords, and more. AutoFill is used in combination to automatically supply stored passwords for users with just a mouse click

Efficiency and ease of use are trademarks of the Avant Browser with a slew of features that simplifies browsing. These features include additional mouse functions, Multi-Window Browsing, Full Screen and Alternative Full Desktop Modes, Built-in Search Engine, Full Internet Explorer Compatibility, and Safe Recovery.

Get this awesome browser now and customize its look to your heart’s content with Customizable Skins using the Avant Browser Skin Maker to enjoy a browsing experience that is simple, secure, and enjoyable.

free download


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    2016 Build 7
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